[xquery-talk] context item in module variable

Michael Sokolov msokolov at safaribooksonline.com
Sun Oct 13 09:43:26 PDT 2013

On 10/13/13 9:07 AM, Benito van der Zander wrote:
> Hi,
> what is the value of the context item in a variable declaration of an 
> module in XQuery 1?
> Since the spec says "The context item, position, and size in the 
> dynamic context of the initializing expression have initial values as 
> described in C.2 Dynamic Context Components." where it says "Default 
> initial value = none", it should be undefined.
> But the new XQTS has a test
>   module namespace context="http://www.xqsharp.com/test/context";
>   declare variable $context:item := .;
> where it is then tested for not undefined...
> Benito
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I haven't looked, but I would assume the XQTS may define the context 
item for that test, no?

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