[xquery-talk] A walk down Sesame St - counting for simpletons

Ihe Onwuka ihe.onwuka at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 08:50:04 PDT 2014

....but that my dear plonker..... does not return a stream of ones......Oops!

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Andrew Welch <andrew.j.welch at gmail.com> wrote:
>> (collection('myColl')//elem,collection('myColl2')//elem)/count(.)
> ^^^ that constructs a sequence of <elem>s, and then supplies each one
> to the count() function... so it will just a return a load of 1s.
> Bonney dee doosh, ala quet de mer, rodders.
> --
> Andrew Welch
> http://andrewjwelch.com

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