[xquery-talk] A walk down Sesame St - counting for simpletons

Andrew Welch andrew.j.welch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 11:35:40 PDT 2014

>> Is it really necessary to have ask for small complete runnable
>> samples... isn't that common mailing list etiquette these days?
> Mailing list etiquette eh.
> The pasted screen print of the query and the result it gave - was  not
> enough? You want me to do more work to satisfy a curiosity that I no
> longer have because you still harbour it?

No it's not enough: it's not a small complete runnable sample so
people can recreate what you are asserting.  You make a statement,
people question it, then you never back it up.  You try and close the
thread down.  I've lost count of the threads you've started that have
ended like this...

> DC gave an illuminating answer and I  have clarified that my curiosity
> is in seeing a formulation that used the / or ! operators. Did that
> part of the conversation pass you by?

No - I was talking about how $seq/count(.) will always produce a
sequence of 1s  (or () as was noted to me offlist)   Remember you
called me a plonker for saying that?

> OTOH your answer and every thing you have contributed since did
> nothing to point towards the correct formulation of the query for the
> problem stated. Thats ok, but somehow you find it funny that I don't
> wish to waste my  time talking about that.

I find all this nonsense funny.

> Funny perhaps  but you should not find it strange that I don't wish to
> carry on engaging.

Stop engaging then.

> This may sound patronising (where've I heard that
> before) but you can generally be relied upon to proffer a
> spectacularly insular perspective to a discussion, so invariably  I
> don't want to stick around responding to everything you want to say.

Don't respond then.

> Why do you keep doing  it (that's rhetorical hence no question mark).
> Do you see a mailing list as a venue for venting your machismo? Look
> there are better ways of getting rid of the excess testosterone. Trust
> me on that one.

Er I'm not sure how to read that one... "getting rid of excess
testosterone" sounds like something teenage boys do.

That mark twain quote springs to mind, so I really should stop arguing now.

Andrew Welch

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