[xquery-talk] min max and mix

David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Mon Feb 10 04:23:10 PST 2014

Personally I avoid mixed content models wherever possible. So it is more of an issue for those that don't.

I was just messing about with these functions to see whether they were robust with respect to stability (that is stability as in a stable sort).
[DAL:] ==============

Even neglecting mixed content ( dont use that for data !) 
... functions that expect atomics or lists of atomics generally dont do what you want when you give it *nested* XML.

sum( <a><b>1</b><c>2</c></a> )  == 12

Its nice enough to try to simple content elements but not nested ("complex") elements.

You *do* have to be careful with this.  I wouldnt classify it as "stability" but its a rational argument.
Dont be putting stuff in functions that you dont know whats in there ... and expect to get something out that you expect.

David A. Lee
dlee at calldei.com

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