[xquery-talk] Matrix Multiplication

David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Wed Jan 1 10:51:07 PST 2014

Touché' good call.

I was about to mention that java could be faster but hadn't kept up with the facts enough to make a generalized statement  :)

I just stumbled on this


Which proves Java is 2x faster than the same code in C++ :)(***)
And doing XSLT at that !

(***) in case the ":)" is not obvious enough, this proves (or disproves) nothing of the sort ... but it is still a fascinating write-up and definitely in-context with the thread.
Good work Saxonica !!!!

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> Now java compilers have become so good that they can run at nearly "native" speeds for some things ...

Whilst we are talking about avoiding generalisations. I would point out that the above statement is quite outdated, with modern JVMs and well optimised code, you can often achieve performance that is better than the equivalent C or C++ code. Just do some googling...
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