[xquery-talk] A flowering map

Liam R E Quin liam at w3.org
Thu Jan 2 11:56:44 PST 2014

On Thu, 2014-01-02 at 03:18 -0600, Joe Wicentowski wrote:
> I think you may have found a bug in eXist-db.  Your code can be
> reduced to the following tests:
> Works in eXist-db:
> ('A','B','C','D') ! element {.} {'Z'}
> Fails with the undefined static context error.
> ('A','B','C','D') ! (let $x := 1 return element {.} {'Z'})

Both these examples work in BaseX for what it's worth (I just tried, at
least in "7.7beta").

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