[xquery-talk] Tales of the unexpected version III - Atomization

John Snelson john.snelson at marklogic.com
Wed Jan 8 08:29:37 PST 2014

On 08/01/14 16:25, Ihe Onwuka wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 4:22 PM, David Carlisle <davidc at nag.co.uk
> <mailto:davidc at nag.co.uk>> wrote:
>     On 08/01/2014 15:38, Ihe Onwuka wrote:
>         because it is going to end up (by whatever process) as an attribute
>         node.
>     That seems to be the cause of your confusion (and your misreading of the
>     spec and Mike Kay's book)
> Ok. What sections of Mike Kay's book

Mike Kay's book doesn't cover XQuery.

> and the spec didn't I read that conveyed the information you just gave and what references to them did I
> miss.



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