[xquery-talk] Multiple output via a stream of filters

Adam Retter adam.retter at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 13 16:04:50 PST 2014

> I don't know exist that well but typically once a document is fetched into memory in a XML DB it can stay cached,
> But if you are loading too many docs the cache will get full and it will have to reload the docs.
> That is assuming that the size of your documents is bigger than the transforms.

Just for clarity. In eXist we do not load entire documents into
memory, rather we load proxies to only those nodes that you address in
your query. The nodes themselves are only really read during
serialization, and that should be done in a streaming manner, so
memory should not be an issue.

However, even then it is still true in eXist that iterating over the
documents instead of the transforms, just as you suggested, would be
more efficient.

Adam Retter

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