[xquery-talk] Collections - family relationships

Joe Wicentowski joewiz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 18:06:54 PST 2014

In all seriousness now, my satire was meant to help us reflect on and
acknowledge a pattern of abrasive interactions that has dominated this list
as of late, to raise it for discussion if needed, and hopefully to bring it
to a close by letting everyone see its absurdity.

Discussion can be civil but productive, direct and even heated but

When you start a topic, you bear a special responsibility to be
comprehensive up front, to respect the time and effort everyone takes to
respond in good faith, and to guide your thread to a productive, respectful
close.  Acknowledge failures in this responsibility readily.  Neglect it at
your own peril.

Productive discussions, started and guided by responsible participants, has
always been the norm on xquery-talk in the time I have been a member.  I
look forward to its return to that state.
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