[xquery-talk] What does [.] do.

David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Mon Jan 27 07:14:39 PST 2014

I wouldnt do


unless you absolutely knew for sure that only 1 existed.
If both exist you will get 2 strings.

In the first place you get them in document order,
in the second case in the order specified.

I would do 

or just

which gives me readingMaterial if it exists, and if it doesnt exist then publication.
but never both and always in the order of precidence I asked 

On 27/01/2014 14:55, Ihe Onwuka wrote:
> I am using one transformation for two different data sources with two 
> different schemas.
> One site may call a resoure readingMaterial another site may call the 
> same concept a publication, but they are otherwise similar and you may 
> want to treat them as such.
> (xs:string(readingMaterial),xs:string(publication))[.]

I'd probably write that as


or if you know that exactly one of them is always there



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