[xquery-talk] simple map at the moment is not so simple

Ihe Onwuka ihe.onwuka at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 07:13:37 PST 2014

 I have something like

distinct-values(somepath/@x) !
  http:send-request(<http:request href="'http://www.me.com/' || . "
method ="get"/>

which works fine

I now want to find out the @x's for which the http request fails which
entails checking the status attribute of the first sequential item
returned from the send-request (thats not the problem I already know
how to do that).

Now i thought you could flowr the right hand side of the map operator
which would allow me to variablize the output of the http request and
interrogate that. However as soon as it sees the $ in let $ following
the ! operator it objects (well eXist does anyway).

I'm using or trying to use ! because the iteration of it's right hand
side is not over nodes. Not clear on exactly what can and can't follow

So to summarize I want to output the LHS (@x) of the simple map
expression where the http request in the RHS has not worked (i.e
http:send-request()[1]/@status ne 200).

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