[xquery-talk] Namespace conflict ?

Leo Studer leo.studer at varioweb.ch
Tue Sep 16 03:10:55 PDT 2014


I use the following query with Saxon-EE xQuery in Oxygen.

for $i in doc('FitnessCenter.xml')//*
	return rename node $i as QName('http://www.gym.com', local-name($i))

on the following file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8”?>

<FitnessCenter xmlns="http://www.mygym.com">
	<Member Level="platinum">
	<Member Level="gold">


and get the following error: new name conflicts with existing namespace binding

I thought the function local-name() produces an output  without namespace binding? Can anyone explain?

Thanks in advance

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