[xquery-talk] MarkLogic using JSONiq for processing JSON ?

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Sat May 2 23:02:18 PDT 2015

Dear Gary Bloom,

you are the CEO of MarkLogic, and you are in cc of this message to those two esteemed XML-related mailing lists: xquery-talk and xml-dev.

To be honest, given the marketing screaming  that Marklogic did recently about your JSON support (geez, must have been expensive !!!), plus my messages
on those esteemed mailing lists, plus the amount of time and efforts that me and my Zorba team put into designing JSONiq (3 years)


…...I was obviously slightly disappointed to see that nobody from MarkLogic had the intellectual honesty to give ME (and the others on the mailing lists)
 one of the  possible answers about MarkLogic’s JSON support:

(a) yes, we, MarkLogic, we inspired ourselves and adapt as much as we could from JSONiq, but we had no balls to admit it, and give proper scientific references to JSONiq

(b) no, we. MarkLogic, we designed everything from scratch without looking at JSONiq (but then, I would ask… Why !?….just curious...)

(c) yes, the language we, MarkLogic,  support is exactly the same language as JSONiq, but again, we lack the balls to admit it in front of the wholeXML/JSON  industry.

or any other such variation of such answer….. pick your choice.


I am asking you personally, Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic, which one it is !?

Do you have any idea !?

No shame in stealing, Gary. After all, you come from Oracle, and Oracle was built on Ellison stealing IBM’s research, and Larry Ellison just bought an island….
while IBM isn’t doing great…..

… so I wouldn’t blame you if your plan is the same  (small detail, I don’t have the kindness of character that Don Chamberlin from IBM had…just keep this in mind
for your future plans, though…..)


Looking forward to your answer, Gary Bloom.

And in the meantime, yes, I admit, I was lazy. I could have gotten my own answer to that question about the technical differences between MarkLogic support of JSON
and JSONiq  (except that was looking forward to some intellectual honesty from MarkLogic, in vain, alas)

I will do my own own investigation about the technical differences between the two, and write a report.

Thanks for your (very telling, I am afraid….) silence.

MarkLogic has no scientific strength, nor political and economical “balls" (and sorry,  I am afraid that’s a technical term).

Best regards

P.S,. I’ll teach you a very useful Romanian saying : “If you want to kill a cat, you can always say she has rabies”. 
Yep, tell anyone you want that I have rabies :-))))))

> On Apr 28, 2015, at 10:15 AM, daniela florescu <dflorescu at me.com> wrote:
> Dear Kurt (Cagle) 
> on linkedin to the same answer bellow you answered me:
> "As I said, first glance says it's close, but I'm not completely up to date on the JSONIQ spec. I know when I talked to a key developer of mutual acquaintance, he indicated that he followed JSONIQ, but that was still while it was under development."
> Kurt, do you have now a better idea about the technical differences between the two JSOn query languages: JSONiq designed and supported by Zorba
> and the one supported by MarkLogic ? 
> Or does someone else ?
> What is the technical rationale for making the two languages different ? Any strong technical reasons ?
> If there are no strong technical reasons, and the two are different just for the sake of being different, that's very sad. 
> Relational databases survived for 30 years because those guys were brilliant business people and 
>  understood the power of a standard/common language and common APIs for all vendors.
> It strengthens the (entire) community to the point that, even 30 years later, it is almost impossible to get SQL out of their hands....
> It's very unfortunate that the NoSQL community, and especially MarkLogic who considers themselves the "leaders" in this market,
> don't get that simple fact....and they had to twist JSONiq here and there in order to avoid admitting they use the language designed by the
> Zorba community and avoid calling it JSONiq....
> Such a lack of vision is sad.
>  But I digress.
> I am still curious if someone compiled a list of technical differences.
> Thanks, best regards
> Dana
>> On Apr 23, 2015, at 5:24 PM, daniela florescu <dflorescu at me.com <mailto:dflorescu at me.com>> wrote:
>> I heard that MarkLogic will be using JSONiq for processing JSON.
>> http://www.jsoniq.org <http://www.jsoniq.org/>
>> Sounds like wonderful news to me.
>> Hope it’s true.
>> Best
>> Dana
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