[xquery-talk] [xml-dev] Query 3.1 vs. JSONiq WAS Re: MarkLogic using JSONiq for processing JSON ?

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Sat May 9 15:00:54 PDT 2015

> See above. You get inputs from lots of different directions, and they are all valid perspectives.

Com’ on MIchael. Stop running around the bush. I hate hypocrisy in technology.

Botton line is: as a result of what W3C did with XQuery 3.1, they created more harm them good overall for the industry.

And this:  for both the XML community  AND  the JSON community.

For the XML community: they’ll be hated and avoided even more they used to be, and more and more isolated, and
For the JSON community:  they’ll avoid anything related to XQuery like scary evil, which means that they’ll design silly query languages 
by themselves (see Cassandra, see Mongo, see BigTable….)  for 15 years  before finding some decent solution.


Thanks for your contribution.

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