[xquery-talk] specification for Microsoft's U-SQL ?

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Tue Nov 3 22:23:51 PST 2015

Dear Michael, 

Thanks for the pointers. 

I was looking at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/data-lake-analytics-u-sql-get-started/ <https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/data-lake-analytics-u-sql-get-started/>
and trying to understand the big picture from examples.

So U-SQL is a dataflow scripting language, where the basic data model is a set of rows with C# types, and each
step in the data flow is an expression that can mix (at many levels) SQL’s Select-from-where constructs with C# code.

That’s what I understand at least. Let me know if I got it wrong.

Seems very useful for expressing complex data transformations of all kinds, and it is still optimizable.

Much more useful for “data science” (whatever this big word means..) then the series of SQL-wannabes languages
 from the NoSQL vendors.

Thanks, best regards

> On Nov 2, 2015, at 4:56 PM, Michael Rys <mrys at microsoft.com> wrote:
> No formal specification. Just a language reference that is still under development :). See http://aka.ms/usql_reference  (and pardon the format, I am writing it and our doc people "convert" it).
> Let me know if you want a personal demo :).
> Cheers
> Michael
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> Seems interesting in principle.
> https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3a%2f%2fthenewstack.io%2fmeet-u-sql-microsofts-new-language-big-data%2f&data=01%7c01%7cmrys%40microsoft.com%7caef4ceeec92543784b5608d2e23771f1%7c72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7c1&sdata=iZjmF47tPZ316GAyjeXegMSLOq%2bLFAbo3zvRYOwMPy0%3d
> But anyone in a luck to see a specification for it ?
> Thanks for any pointer, best regards
> Dana
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