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Ghislain Fourny g at 28.io
Mon Oct 12 04:19:43 PDT 2015


I agree with Dana that XQuery has crucial features that address use cases
that emerged over the last decade. Both the SQL experience of the last 45
years and the XQuery experience from the last 15 years should be leveraged
by whichever language establishes itself on the document store processing
market. I think that ignoring the one or the other would imply a high
opportunity cost either way.

When describing languages, performance is often emphasized, for good
reasons. However, productivity and time-to-market are also very important.
I can see every single day how much time and money can be saved using
XQuery (or languages derived therefrom) and I would be quite reluctant to
switch to a language that doesn't have its features.

My 2 cents.

Kind regards,
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