[xquery-talk] NullPointerException

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Fri Oct 7 03:19:26 PDT 2016

>with the following code I get a NullPointerException with Saxon and wonder why

A NullPointerException in Saxon code is always going to be a product bug, so it's best to report it directly at http://saxonica.plan.io/

I haven't tried running with, but on and 9.7 the query runs successfully. So it's probably a bug that was fixed, though I can't immediately identify it. Alternatively, it's something specific to the way in which you are running the query, in which case we will need more details.

Please try it on a later maintenance release, and if the problem still occurs, report it at http://saxonica.plan.io/, explaining exactly how you were running the query.

Michael Kay

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