[xquery-talk] Omit namespace attributes in output file

xquery at docbook-autor.de xquery at docbook-autor.de
Wed Apr 19 01:51:57 PDT 2017


I’m transforming some DocBook data into an XML file using XQuery. The
transformation works perfectly so far.

My problem is, that I have to use some confluence namespace tags like
<ac:emoticon ac:name=“warning” /> in the XML output file.

So I have to declare the respective namespace at the beginning of my
XQuery file:

xquery version "1.0" encoding "utf-8";

declare namespace db="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook";
declare namespace saxon="http://saxon.sf.net/";
declare namespace ac="https://www.atlassian.com/schema/confluence/6/ac";

declare option saxon:output "version=1.0";
declare option saxon:output "omit-xml-declaration=yes";
declare option saxon:output "indent=yes";

Because of the namespace declaration for "ac" at the beginning the
transformation results in this:

<ac:emoticon xmlns:ac="https://www.atlassian.com/schema/confluence/6/ac"

Without this declaration the transformation stops with an error message
that a declaration for namespace “ac” is missing.

Is it possible to omit the xmlns:ac attribute somehow?

Thanks in advance!


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