[xquery-talk] Omit namespace attributes in output file

xquery at docbook-autor.de xquery at docbook-autor.de
Wed Apr 19 03:58:53 PDT 2017

 Hi Michael,

> (a) post-process the serialized XML to strip off the namespace declarations (e.g. with a non-XML tool such as sed or awk), or
ok, first I have to check, whether Confluence is able to deal with
namespace declarations inside a wiki page anyway.

If yes anything is fine.

If not the post-processing should do it. I'm starting the transformation
with a script file so it should be easy to delete some text in the xml
output file by script too.

Fumbling around with standard sources is never a good idea (or at least
should be the very last choice IMHO).

Thanks for your quick help!

 Best regards from Germany

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