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W.S. Hager wshager at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 00:52:59 PDT 2017

I see, thanks.

Op 3 aug. 2017 23:01 schreef "Michael Kay" <mike at saxonica.com>:

> >
> > Anonymous functions would've been quite nice, but could your example
> only be used for a single argument?
> Yes. I think that's such a common case that it's worth having special
> syntax for, particularly as we already have "." as a symbol representing an
> anonymous variable, so we get a nice combination of concepts.
> (We do of course have syntax for the more general case already: it's just
> a bit verbose.)
> But of course, in the WG we would spend months discussing alternatives and
> might well come up with something better...
> Michael Kay
> Saxonica
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