[xquery-talk] SQL to XML with XQuery?

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Thu Aug 10 01:36:35 PDT 2017

 Hi Christian,

> Would you like to parse your SQL (or just DDL) expressions in XQuery
> and execute them in a second step? Do you want to store SQL data in an
> XML database in a leter step, or do you only want to create a schema
> representation of your SQL table definitions in XML, resulting from
> your SQL statements?

yes, a "simple" SQL parsing should do.

> The answer is definitely yes. On a logical level, you can do pretty
> much everything in XQuery, but I assume your use case is much more
> practical?

yes, it is. As I mentioned in my previous response I have to transform
lots of files with 40 to 100 CREATE TABLEs each into DocBook entity files.

Done by hand it's extremely unsatisfying... especially because I'm
dealing with transformation of text into text and not some stream or
crypto data.

The plan is that first of all I will generate a DocBook documentation
out of the SQL data. The next step will be that my customer can fill his
database with all the still missing comments of his database columns out
of the then completed entity file (XML to SQL transformation).

Soweit der Plan... ;-)

Best regards from Aachen

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