[xquery-talk] BumbleBee XQuery Test Harness

Patrick Lehti lehti at ipsi.fhg.de
Wed Nov 12 11:42:55 PST 2003


I realized a number of problems in the NIST results of bumblebee, when
going throw the results for our engine.

- There are still a huge amount of queries that fail, because bumblebee
excepts only an error, when using arbitrary long decimals and integers.
- The serialization of doubles and floats is not conform to the
canonical representation of doubles and floats as defined in XML Schema
2. The canonical representation should be at least excepted by
- The results for the number function are wrong. The number function
must always convert the result to double as specified in the Functions &
Operators WD.

When do you think will these problems be fixed? I am asking, because we
plan to release a new version of IPSI-XQ soon and would like to have
some realistic numbers to compare our engine with others before.

Best regards,

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