[xquery-talk] [ANN] nux-1.0 final release

Wolfgang Hoschek whoschek at lbl.gov
Sat Feb 12 13:57:04 PST 2005

The final nux-1.0 release has been uploaded to


Nux is a small, natural, straightforward and surprisingly effective 
open-source extension of the  XOM and Saxon XML libraries.

Nux is geared towards versatile embedded integration and interchange, 
in particular for high-throughput server container environments (e.g. 
high-speed real-time data streaming applications, large-scale 
Peer-to-Peer messaging network infrastructures over high-bandwidth 
networks, scalable message oriented middleware, etc). But its 
simplicity also makes it useful for client side XML 
query/transformation workflow pipelines.


	• 	Now requires saxon-8.3 (bundled with the download).
	• 	The obnoxious dependencies on jars for DOM Level 3, JAXP-1.3 and 
JaxMe have now disappeared, even under JDK < 1.5! This functionality is 
nomore needed at all, meaning less baggage, installation and classpath 
problems for all of us :-)
	• 	XQuery/XPath: XPath axis navigation performance improvements in 
	• 	XQuery/XPath: Now uses Saxon's cross-object model namespace 
	• 	Added sample data directory with XML files and queries, as well as 
corresponding bnux binary XML files.
	• 	Added XMark XQuery and XPath benchmark. See 
	• 	Added command-line demo that converts a set of standard textual XML 
files to and from binary xml (bnux) files.  See BinaryXMLConverter.
	• 	Added bin/ directory with Unix and Windows shell scripts to start 
the demos.


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