[xquery-talk] ANN: X-Hive/DB 7.0 released

Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Mon Oct 17 18:23:10 PDT 2005

X-Hive Corporation Announces General Availability of X-Hive/DB, Version

X-Hive Corporation is the first company to publish the results of the
W3C's XQTS XQuery test. Latest version of X-Hive/DB will appeal to
organizations who manage large volumes of content.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 14 October 2005 - X-Hive Corporation, a
leader in native XML database and Content Management technology for
complex documentation, today announced the general availability of
X-Hive/DB version 7.0. 

Key new features of X-Hive/DB 7.0 include:

      * Path indexes that allow more detailed specification of what
        nodes to index and also allow multiple values to be used as
        index keys.
      * Improved Lock acquisition priority and deadlock victim selection
      * Compliancy to the current XQuery Working Draft from the 15
        September 2005 and the related specifications (XQuery & XPath
        functions, XQuery & XPath Data Model, etc.)
      * Versionable BLOBs
      * XQuery update statements

X-Hive Corporation is the first company to publish the results of the
W3C's XQTS XQuery test. X-Hive Corporation urges competitors to publish
their results as well. XQTS test suite results for X-Hive/DB 7.0 can be
found at:

"We added customer driven features to meet our customer needs in this
new release" said Jeroen van Rotterdam, CEO of X-Hive Corporation.
"X-Hive/DB is the core foundation for many content intensive, XML
driven, applications. X-Hive/DB remains the fastest most powerful XML
database based on open standards available in the market".

X-Hive/DB 7.0 is now commercially available on the X-Hive Corporation
Web site. A 30-day free evaluation version may also be downloaded from
the Web site.

About X-Hive Corporation.
X-Hive Corporation is a leader in XML database and Content Management
technology. Our mission is to significantly improve operational
performance of our customers, in their efforts of maintaining and
publishing technical information. X-Hive Corporation offers state of the
art XML technology specifically for complex Content Management Solutions
in industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Machinery,
Petrochemical, Publishing, and Defence. X-Hive solutions support all
major XML standards, X-Hive actively participates within W3C and the ATA
Civil Aviation Working Group. X-Hive Corporation co-operates worldwide
with software vendors, system integrators and consultants in delivering
X-Hive solutions. For more information:

For more information contact:
X-Hive Corporation
Nick Kuppers, VP Sales

Aert van Nesstraat 45 
3012 CA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 10 281 80 80
nick at x-hive.com

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