[xquery-talk] First Questions

Tony Lavinio xml1 at lavinio.net
Fri Sep 9 20:18:04 PDT 2005

On 09-09-2005 7:29 AM, Elarrat, EFC wrote:
 > Hello you guys. I'm totally new in XQuery world, and for first, I simply
 > would like to know which one is the best open source framework to work
 > with XQuery. I recently downloaded the Saxon 8.5b, but as I said, I'm
 > totally lost, and for now i'm just trying to know the best tool to work
 > with. Thanks and welcome for me =).

Stylus Studio includes support for XQuery, with connections to both
its own internal engine optimized for debugging, and also supporting
Saxon's XQuery engine.

We include support for MarkLogic's XDMS, Raining Data's TigerLogic
engine, and Sleepycat's XDBMS, with Sense:X editing help for all of
the above.

A 30-day free trial edition is available at

There is a new XQuery tutorial entitled "Learn XQuery in 10 Minues"
written by the author of Saxon, Dr. Michael Kay, available at

There is a help forum for free XQuery support also, at

Tony Lavinio
Stylus Studio Principal Software Architect

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