[xquery-talk] First Questions

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Sat Sep 10 01:17:38 PDT 2005

If you're comfortable working with a text editor and command line, and can
cope with the initial hassle of installing Java and configuring your
classpath, then Saxon is a pretty good choice. You'll still have the
inevitable beginner's problems learning where to use semicolons, commas, and
curly braces (actually, even experienced users get those wrong) but I think
Saxon's error messages are probably as good as anyone's.
If you feel you need something more at the IDE level with a GUI, then give
Stylus Studio a whirl. It also has a visual programming tool that allows you
to construct queries by drawing lines and boxes on the screen, which is
great if you like that sort of thing (I personally find it a mind-blowingly
difficult way to write code, but I'm not a typical user... ).
If you need to run XQuery against a database rather than just against XML
files, then you choice of open source products is more limited (and I don't
have any personal recommendations).
Michael Kay
Saxonica Limited


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Hello you guys. I'm totally new in XQuery world, and for first, I simply
would like to know which one is the best open source framework to work with
XQuery. I recently downloaded the Saxon 8.5b, but as I said, I'm totally
lost, and for now i'm just trying to know the best tool to work with. Thanks
and welcome for me =). 

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