[xquery-talk] Help with trimming down an XPath expression

Jeff Dexter jeff.dexter at rainingdata.com
Mon Apr 24 12:02:02 PDT 2006

            I'm not sure if it's terser, but you can employ a
QuantifiedExpr to generalize it a little better, as in.
            //pre[ some $i in ( 'string', 'void', 'int', 'float', 'bool'
) satisfies starts-with( ., $i ) ]
Jeff Dexter.
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Hi gang,
I'm looking for a way to trim this expression down:
//pre[starts-with(.,"string") or starts-with(.,"void") or
starts-with(.,"int") or starts-with(.,"float") or starts-with(.,"bool")]
Basically, I'm looking for an XPath 2.0 expression that will locate a
<pre> element anywhere in my document whose string-value starts with one
of : "string", "void", "int", "float", or "bool"
Is there any way to express this a little more tersely?
Todd Ditchendorf

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