[xquery-talk] someone who has stylus studio

fatma helmy fatmahelmy2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 11:39:41 PST 2006

i got this code , it does not work on stylus studio
xquery but works on other processor , can any one has
stylus studio run it and tell me whether it gives
error or not

let $bookstore :=
    <book >
      <title>seven years in trenton</title>
    <book >
      <title> history of trenton</title>
      <price> 55</price>
    <book >
      <title> trenton today, trenton tomorrow 
      <price> 55</price>
      <author> </author>
for $path in
let $leafs :=
eq $path]
  <attr-per-path path='{$path}'>{
    for $val in distinct-values($leafs)  
    return <value-per-path value='{$val}'
count='{count($leafs[. eq

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