[xquery-talk] XML Query Test Suite version 0.8.4

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Wed Jan 11 14:49:26 PST 2006

> Try calling the Saxon method 
> configuration.setHostLanguage(Configuration.XQUERY)

Thanks for this, but on reflection I think I won't do that and will
either do nothing or write some code to explictly convert the xslt codes
to xquery ones.

Doing as you suggest would clearly be more efficient, but it is taking
advantage of the fact that saxon has an xquery implementation, and
if I wanted to take advantage of that, I'd just evaluate the xquery in 
saxon directly:-)

Currently I think the main point of the xq2xsl xquery implementation is
as an explicit, implemented, mapping between the two languages, and for
that purpose some boring code mapping one bunch of 8 character strings
to another is probably as much a part of the mapping as some code
mapping FLWOR to xsl:for-each.

xq2xsl is in some ways just a largish example of more general
transformations-on-queries that one might want to do, another smaller
example in the same distribution being the transformation to rewrite any
of the optional axis steps.

xq2xsl tries to produce reasonable xslt code from a given xquery and so
it may prove yet to be a feasible implementation of Xquery in
environments where XSLT2 is supported but XQuery is not, but currently I
don't know of any such environments. Currently if I want to execute an
Xquery for real I use your implementation not mine...


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