[xquery-talk] Xquery+ reduce two docs into one

Sebastian sebi-hinterwaelder at gmx.de
Sat Jan 13 11:12:04 PST 2007

JAR> Ah, ok. Yes, I totally misunderstood what you wanted.  As before,
JAR> David provided a very concise solution (which reproduces exactly what
JAR> you posted).  Trying to work in the new logic with my previous example,
JAR> I modified it thusly (and found myself missing XSLT key and for-each-group
JAR> functionality):

Oohh, great, great support. I got your version, James, to work fine.
That's really great. Still I cannot use David's last version, but
maybe it is my fault. Anyway thank you both a lot. I was already
wondering what is going on with my machine, but now finallly it



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