[xquery-talk] xquery and geospatial request

Jeff Dexter jeff.dexter at rainingdata.com
Fri Jun 1 11:05:01 PDT 2007


The 3.0 release of our TigerLogic database (currently in beta) provides
support for geospatial queries and GML. We provide a number of functions and
operators based on the simple features specification from the Open
Geospatial Consortium, and support for spatial indexing of GML.

Let me know if I can provide more detailed information on what we support
and a download.


Jeff Dexter

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Hi everybody,

I need to store GML feature in  a database and to be able to make geospatial
request on them.

Do we have a language (extension to xquery) to make such request on a XML
native database ?
Or are we constrained to  map GML data into object, then store them into GIS
database ?

Thanks for your response.


talk at x-query.com

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