[xquery-talk] How to run xquery dynamically on file listing from directory

Kevin Grover kevin at kevingrover.net
Thu Apr 10 19:00:44 PDT 2008

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 11:22 AM,  <seleneplatt at comcast.net> wrote:
> I'm a complete newbie at xquery and am trying to execute a query dynamically on
>  all files in a given directory, rather than hardcoding a particular file into
>  the 'doc()' call.  I've tried using 'collection()' but am unclear as to how to
>  get it to work.
>  I did see this thread on x-query.com:
>  [xquery-talk] Query Through Multiple Files
>  but the closest anyone came to the answer I was hoping to find was to hardcode a
>  *list* of files to traverse.
>  Is there anyway to do something like:
>     for $x in collection("xmlfiles")
>  where 'xmlfiles' is a subdirectory containing the actual xml files I want to
>  use?  I would need to know the exact syntax, as this is all new to me.
>  Thanks!

I feel for you on this.  It's taken me weeks to figure anything out.
The crux if it is that the 'collection()' function is implementation

I've been trying with saxon for a long while and could not find any
documentation or examples.  After many attempts at searching (Google),
 and some dumb luck (I searched the main saxon documentation toc  for
collection), I found saxon's documentation page:


Still, no examples, but better.  From that page, I think I can
probably get my stuff going.  What I wanted to do at the time was more
of a small itch than and real need, so I tended to look into it
somewhat shallowly and sporadialy.

NOTE: I was stuck with a non Internet connected machine, so I had to
search later, from other machines.  I tried downloading the saxon
documentation, but all seemed incomplete.  I grabbed saxon9, and just
recently grabbed it's doc distro, but have not tried to search it for
this.  Maybe I will.  I would (personally) like to see the Saxon
Documentation rendered into many forms (PDF, HTML, CHM) from something
like DocBook.  It would also be _very_ helpful if there were more
examples.  I've been meaning to ask if I could help do this (at least
to convert the HTML documentation tree to DocBook), but never got
around to it.

If you're using an all-in-one editor, you'll have to dig into it to
see what back end they use.  I believe oXygen XML uses Saxon (but I'm
not certain).

This is one of those things that seems sort of simple when I find the
answer, but was completely baffling beforehand - particularly since I
could not seem to find anything online.

- Kevin

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