[xquery-talk] How to run xquery dynamically on file listing from directory

Wed Apr 16 10:44:04 PDT 2008

All of the responses on this thread are greatly appreciated!  I had been 
distracted by another priority, but am now revisiting this issue.  To 
answer the questions regarding my environment, I am on a PC running 
Windows 5.1, and trying to get xquery to work in Altova XMLSpy Enterprise 
Edition 8.  Is there something more I should be indicating?  I tried 
downloading Saxon from sourceforge (the .NET version - is this correct? or 
should it be the java version?  I have no idea)...but the Extraction 
Wizard  gave me this error when unzipping the files:  "Error reading the 

Even so, I won't be able to follow the instructions on integration Saxon 
with XMLSpy b/c I don't have access to a unix command line (see 
http://www.altova.com/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1000000527).  I am 
really at a loss as to what to do, if anyone can provide assistance...

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Re: [xquery-talk] How to run xquery dynamically on file listing from 

On 11/04/2008, Kevin Grover <kevin at kevingrover.net> wrote:
> I feel for you on this.  It's taken me weeks to figure anything out.
>  The crux if it is that the 'collection()' function is implementation
>  dependent.
>  I've been trying with saxon for a long while and could not find any
>  documentation or examples.  After many attempts at searching (Google),
>   and some dumb luck (I searched the main saxon documentation toc  for
>  collection), I found saxon's documentation page:
>  http://www.saxonica.com/documentation/sourcedocs/collections.html
>  Still, no examples, but better.

For the archives then:


If you are using Saxon then you may also need to use
saxon:discard-document() when processing large collections of XML -
otherwise each one will be held in memory (if that applies to XQuery?)

Andrew Welch
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Selene Platt
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