[xquery-talk] [ANN] XQuery as a scripting language in IE

COUTHURES Alain alain.couthures at agencexml.com
Fri Mar 27 10:59:32 PST 2009

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your answer.

Because a recommendation needs a long time to be published, as soon as I 
will write my own XRX application, I will add to my XML script engine 
"tXs" (something in between XProc and the XSLT machine shown at XML 
Prague) my own XML notation for XQuery. I will publish it then...


Bordeaux, France
XForms for browsers without plug-in : http://www.agencexml.com/xsltforms

Michael Kay a écrit :
>> I would have liked a reasonable XML notation for XQuery...
> I think this requirement will keep coming up. It's frankly embarrassing that
> in XProc, queries have to be escaped as CDATA. If we solved this problem,
> all sorts of opportunities would open up - XQuery used for assertions in
> XSD, XSD schemas embedded in XQuery modules, XQuery embedded in XSLT, XSLT
> embedded in XQuery, XQuery embedded in XForms.
> Michael Kay
> http://www.saxonica.com/

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