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David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Wed Nov 24 14:25:24 PST 2010

I suggest the "problem" is there are many "things" in XQuery which are not
serializable, or have decent well defined serialization.
QName is one, Attributes are another.    Document Order of nodes is another
interseting subtle example.
In XQuery 1.1 there are these new function objects you cant serialize

But that said, you *can serialize* anything by making up your own
serialization format.  E.g. you can query for the URI, prefix and localname
of QNames and serialize them in a synthetic element like
	<qname  uri="..." prefix="xxx" localname="xxx"/>

I don't see this as an inherent problem with XQuery itself, but rather a
mis-application of assumptions.

David A. Lee
dlee at calldei.com

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>  What's exactly the problem here?


The "uri" gets lost during the serialization. (loss of information,  
non roundtripable information, etc)

I am writing XQueries to process XSD schemas now (jnput and output).  
That's a big problem for me.
(I know I can use the XQuery 3.0's namespace constructors somehow, but  
the end result queries
are horribly complicated...)

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