[xquery-talk] xquery library design

James Fuller james.fuller.2007 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 23:59:15 PST 2011

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 12:13 AM, Jakob Fix <jakob.fix at gmail.com> wrote:
> so, would it be advisable to have this (where only application.xqy has
> all information necessary, but minimal inclusion takes place)
> - application.xqy that includes
>  - configuration.xqy
>  - library1.xqy
>  - library2.xqy
>  - lowlevelfunctions.xqy
> or rather this (where each library module is independent as it
> includes what's needed)
> - application.xqy that includes
>  - library1.xqy which includes
>    - configuration.xqy
>    - lowlevelfunctions.xqy
>  - library2.xqy which includes
>    - configuration.xqy
>    - lowlevelfunctions.xqy
> or still another scenario?
> sorry if that sounds confusing,

no not at all ...

a few things;

I would advise using an application level configuration library that
is global to your application as a starting point.

from there, depending on how you want to encapsulate your libraries,
you could take advantage of ML support for private annotations


which you can use to indicate where you would not want certain
variables to be protected from changing as author intention.

If you are to create standalone libraries then I would suggest that
you try to keep the imports to a minimum, pref to 1 so I would stump
up for placing variables within the library module themselves and
declare those which I would like to redefine by marking them external.

hth, Jim Fuller

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