[xquery-talk] XML/XQuery academic conferences ?

Adam Retter adam.retter at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 13 11:00:42 PDT 2011

On 13 October 2011 17:36, Daniela Florescu <dflorescu at mac.com> wrote:
> On Oct 12, 2011, at 12:35 PM, Adam Retter wrote:
>>>> 5. NoSQL conferences. Unfortunately, there are two problems. First,
>>>> NoSQL is
>>>> still not accepted in academic conferences
>>>> -- they have the same problem as XML itself. And second, they try to
>>>> stay
>>>> away from XML like crazy ("angle brackets, not cool,man, not cool. Not
>>>> Web
>>>> scale.").
>>> I believe we should be at these conferences, if not because NoSQL
>>> crowd is about to have their own 'query wars' and it will be good to
>>> be near (but on the sidelines of this).
>> Completely agree. I will bring the pop-corn.
> Adam, I think we need beer for that discussion. Or even something stronger
> :-)

Sure :-)

> http://twitter.com/#!/nielsenmb/status/124228491532173312
> It's probably not ML's fault. It's only that they use the forbidden X word,
> sheesh ..... :-)

IMHO - I suspect that it is more that ML is seen as a corporate, heavy
'enterprise' system, whereas some of these new 'upstart' open source
products are perceived as lighter and more agile.

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