[xquery-talk] Stop Conversion of Character Entities

Betty Harvey harvey at eccnet.com
Tue Feb 21 11:41:48 PST 2012

How can you tell XQuery to output the character entity and not the actual

I am creating an Excel spreadsheet and am trying to put linefeeds into a
single cell.  I do this all the time with XSLT conversions.

Using the 
 character in the XQuery puts a linefeed into the text.  I
want to output the 
. Excel needs this character entity on import in
order to create linefeeds.  The binary linefeed in the XML doesn't work
for Excel.

I have tried:

let $newline := fn:string("$#10;") and xs:string

Tried to trick it!

let $newline := fn:concat("&", "#10;")

This is easy to do in XSLT (disable-output-escaping="yes") but have
searched and haven't been able to find an equivalent mechanism in XQuery.



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