[xquery-talk] xquery technology now ready?

Christian Grün christian.gruen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 07:06:28 PST 2013

> From all the recommendations, is it correct to assume that a dedicated
> web server will need to be used, where permissions are provided to
> install these various software products?

If you simply want to learn the language, there is no need to look out
for professional hosting solutions. Some XQuery implementations come
with their own web server code, and they are often pretty light-weight
(and can also be run locally). As Adam indicated, if you are looking
for open source solutions, you could have a look at BaseX (disclaimer:
I’m contributing to this project), or eXist-db, which are both easy to
install, and check out the included examples.

By the way, if you only want to create xhtml pages and e.g. store them
in a file, no web server is required at all (this may be obvious

Hope this helps,

> Or, are there any (cheap) web hosts that have these xquery
> functionalities already installed on their servers?
> If these server software are not readily provided by cheap web host
> suppliers, isn't it easier to use postgresql and php which is more
> likely to available from existing low cost web host suppliers?
> Whilst xquery seems interesting, for a personal learning project
> having to pay for a dedicated server is expected to be too expensive.

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