[xquery-talk] XQuery file naming conventions (xq, xqy, xql, xqm, xquery, etc.)

Joe Wicentowski joewiz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 13:55:33 PST 2013

Thanks to all for your responses!  There's merit in all of the
approaches that were shared.

I'm sympathetic to the idea that we shouldn't have to use file
extensions to distinguish between library and main modules.  Maybe
".xq" (or ".xquery") across the board makes sense.

One thing does bug me about the "module" terminology in the spec.  If
the spec distinguishes between "library" and "main" modules, why do
*only* library modules begin with the "module namespace" construction?
 Shouldn't *all* modules begin with "module namespace ..."?  Or if
that's overkill, shouldn't it be "library module namespace ..."
instead (as opposed to "main module namespace ...")?

In retrospect, I think this "module namespace..." construction is
responsible for many of us thinking that a module *is* a library
module.  I never thought of library vs. main modules.  I always
thought of "modules" vs. "scripts."  If I'd been there on the
committee, I think I would've advocated doing away with "module"
altogether, and instead promoting "library" and "script".

But we've got library and main module, and I guess that's okay.  And
using file extensions to distinguish between the two, or only using a
single extension for all xquery files, are both okay too.

Have a good weekend, all

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