[xquery-talk] XQuery 3.0 test suite - Call for implementations of XQuery 3

Christian Grün christian.gruen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 11:01:57 PST 2013


thanks for the reminder! We are working on the finalization of XQuery
3.0, and we will submit our results as soon as we are approximating

Yoshi OKAMOTO san: our implementation of format-integer() still needs
to be adjusted to the latest version of the specification. I can just
confirm that many results of this function will be somewhat


> The XQuery 3.0 specification is currently a W3C "Candidate
> Recommendation", meaning we (W3C) are waiting to know that it can be
> implemented by multiple people such that people can move queries from
> one implementation to another reasonably easily.
> If you have made an XQuery 3 implementation, please run the test suite
> at [1] and send us the results. We can publish them anonymously if you
> prefer (email me directly for instructions).
> Thank you for helping XQuery 3.0 move forward, and helping with this
> work!
> [1] http://dev.w3.org/2011/QT3-test-suite/
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