[xquery-talk] the stupidity of using SQL as a query language for JSON

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Mon Jun 1 09:57:23 PDT 2015

Every day we can see one more of those in the industry:


They are usually received with extreme enthusiasm by the cohorts of "database developers without any
engineering background", as Ihe calls them.

It makes me cry every day.

People are unbelievable gullible and can eat any kid of marketing stuff, without using their brains. It’s amazing.

I mean… using Javascript to process server side JSON data is just performance and productivity-wise stupid.

But at least it is doable, and … correct. Gives some correct answers (20 hours or so later..).

Using SQL to process JSON is simply NOT POSSIBLE.

It’s like saying that we use C++, but we removed the objects and we replaced them with COBOL structures.

Hey, but we are using C++ !!!!!!

How can we stop this madness !???

One should REALLY start for JSON the SAME discussions we had in the XML world all over again, 20 years later !???

Distressed at the lack of thinking in the IT population,

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