[xquery-talk] the stupidity of using SQL as a query language for JSON

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Mon Jun 1 13:03:00 PDT 2015

> SQL doesn’t deal only in unordered sets. It deals in tables. It has an “order by” operator. You’re probably thinking of the relational model, which is not the same as SQL.


yes, SQL deals only with unordered stuff (bags actually).

Yes, you can order-by something, but that something has to be an explicit set of columns in the relations.

Hence, in order to encode order (of an array for example) in a SQL table, you need to store somewhere the position of items in the array, in a way you can sort by it.
(which will give you nightmares at update time)

“ve been there, done that….not working properly.

That’s NOT a path that leads ANYWHERE interesting.

We’ve been there 20 years ago with SQL…..



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