[xquery-talk] the stupidity of using SQL as a query language for JSON

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Mon Jun 1 13:07:57 PDT 2015

> So pretty much no  subqueries (ok somebody is going to say that any query entailing a subquery can be rewritten without one) but AFAIC  the language you are talking about isn't really SQL then. 

That someone can come to me and I’ll show him/her gazzilions of nested queries that cannot be unnested (SQL and/or XQuery).

In fact, the ones you CAN unnest are pretty rare…..

(I think I listed ALL of unnestable cases of XQuery here if I remember correctly…there are not that many….

Not even the simplest form:

for in for in … 

cannot always be unnested in most cases if I remember correctly ….


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