[xquery-talk] not sure if I should laugh with big tears or cry with big tears...:-)))))

Ihe Onwuka ihe.onwuka at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 00:57:58 PDT 2015

On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 1:20 AM, daniela florescu <dflorescu at me.com> wrote:

> Guess what !???
> I think I’m not that bad at guessing  :-))) I won the lollipop :-)) At
> least half of it !:-)))
This is what happens when you hang around NOSQL "engineers" for too long.
You start talking like them. ;-)

> http://www.couchbase.com/press-releases/couchbase-introduces-n1ql-breakthrough-query-language
“N1QL brings the power of SQL to the document data model, which removes one
of the biggest barriers to broader enterprise adoption of NoSQL."

Wrong as they will eventually find out. The biggest barrier to enterprise
adoption of NOSql is the enterprise DBA.
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