[xquery-talk] Linkedin humor for the weekend (2)

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Sat Jun 13 16:35:49 PDT 2015

> Times have changed, not for the better, 

Times have changed as result of economical pressure from VC, investors, banks, your rich friends, 
your successful neighbors, your spouse who wants to buy yacht, who knows !??? etc.

Everybody is pushing to make money, more of it, faster, more of it, faster….. until it reaches 
a certain level of generalized hysteria when people don’t even understand that what they do is
….. not OK and not normal.

And startups are not immune to that. Silicone Valley startups are the flagship for that attitude.

In fact, database startups are the MOST vulnerable to that, given that their technology can help
OTHER companies make more money, faster, more of it, faster, more of it,  faster…..

A little bit like in this extreme story:

Can I personally stop it ? Can I personally change anything ? Nope.

But as Goya used to say “The sleep of the reason produces monsters”.

Have a great weekend everybody

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