[xquery-talk] Izzit Bcos I is functional?

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> I'm not sure about that. I know Harvard does but that is part of a web programming course.
> http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-830-database-systems-fall-2010/readings/ <http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-830-database-systems-fall-2010/readings/>
> http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/civil-and-environmental-engineering/1-264j-database-internet-and-systems-integration-technologies-fall-2013/lecture-notes-exercises/ <http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/civil-and-environmental-engineering/1-264j-database-internet-and-systems-integration-technologies-fall-2013/lecture-notes-exercises/>

Look inside the slides of the database classes… you’ll see XQuery almost everywhere (at the end of the class…).

Especially that Stanford does it, and most database professors copy the slides from Stanford.
https://lagunita.stanford.edu/courses/DB/XPath/SelfPaced/courseware/ch-querying_xml/seq-vid-xquery_introduction/ <https://lagunita.stanford.edu/courses/DB/XPath/SelfPaced/courseware/ch-querying_xml/seq-vid-xquery_introduction/>

(not that the Stanford professors understand much from XML and XQuery … but that’s a whole new discussion…)

> MIT doesn't, neither does either of the universities I went to.

That’s because Stonebreaker is there, and he wouldn’t be caught dead teaching XML. I’ll see if I can make him change his mind
about JSON…. :-)

The fact that sir TBL is in MIT too doesn’t help at all either, given the fact that he was “convinced” by a bunch of good willing people that XML is
evil. (and the semantic web will cure the hunger of the world and the cancer for sure…)

> What are they. Alot of the ones I have read aren't true and seem to be based on a lack of knowledge about XML

I think I KNOW something about XML — not that I enjoyed learning it, but I HAD to :-)

Want a quick list ? processing instructions, weirdo parsing rules that are inherited from the 1950’s SGML, weirdo design
of namespaces, XML Schema anyone !? nillable anyone !? Some early design of Xpath 1.0 (no reserved keywords, semantics of =)
 I’ll stop here.

Only those and that would stop me (as a database person) right there to use XML as a format for data.

> Y'see I reckon that if JSON was deployed in many of the domains where XML is, it too would be hated.

Yes, but less. 

People would STILL have to face the fact that they cannot process JSON with their beloved SQL…. but at least they wouldn’t
add insult to injury by adding the weird things I listed above. 

The bitter pill would be somehow easier to swallow.

The database people accept with open arms JSOn right now because they don’t REALLY understand what JSON is.

Most of them still look at JSON as a nicer syntax then CSV…..they think it’s flat, or a “little” nested.

The shock will hit them later on :-))))

Best regards

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