[xquery-talk] Izzit Bcos I is functional?

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Wed Jun 17 10:02:37 PDT 2015

> I agree with your ideals (1 and 2 above) too but it should be evident from the sociology of the JSON community that these things are not going to happen. You have people putting stuff in JSON databases without thinking how are we going to get it out and coming up with half-assed solutions for doing so. This is not progress and this is not good.

JSON wasn’t designed for databases any more than XML was. Both were designed for messages. XML at least was designed for long-life messages, while JSON was designed for throwaway messages. I think that doing anything more with JSON than reading and writing it is asking for trouble, unless and until it acquires all the layers on top that will remove its attractive simplicity.

Michael Kay

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