[xquery-talk] Izzit Bcos I is functional?

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Wed Jun 17 10:10:02 PDT 2015

> Well I have no particular beef with the format itself other than the lack of tools. Now that we have JSONiq I am less bothered about that (assuming one has the opportunity to use it). 

Well, JSONiq is only implemented by Zorba (and another implementation in IBM middle tier).

And Zorba is a dead piece of code.

So, having “JSONiq” as a specification…...doesn’t mean much, isn’t it ? Unless is adopted by other XQuery processors.
(which I cross fingers they will do…)

> I agree with your ideals (1 and 2 above) too but it should be evident from the sociology of the JSON community that these things are not going to happen.

Well… nope. Not clear at all. 

I started working on query languages for XML in 1996. 

Same as now, the whole industry was for using SQL for querying XML — including ME, I had 
a system running, a bunch of PhD students working on that, etc.

The decision of the W3C NOT to use SQL for that purpose was taken in 2001.  

5 years later. You know how many query languages have been proposed during those 5 years ?
Tons: UnQL, XML-QL, etc, etc.

Those things need TIME. 

People need to try SQL first, before they realize it’s a dead end. 

MarkLogic needs to try Javascript on the server side, before realizes that’s a dead end.

The industry moves MUCH, MUCH slower that one can expect.

> You have people putting stuff in JSON databases without thinking how are we going to get it out and coming up with half-assed solutions for doing so. This is not progress and this is not good.

Again, patience is golden :-)

There will be tons of those half baked solutions (MongoDB’s JSON query language, CouchDB’s..), before people realize that this
 is not going anywhere….some of those databases will be acquired, never to be seen again, them or their query languages….etc.


Honestly, I give it 5 years for the JSON query languages to stabilize. 2020 would be my estimate. Even later if there is a database bubble crash in the


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