[xquery-talk] Izzit Bcos I is functional?

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Thu Jun 18 02:47:26 PDT 2015

> "Even though, because it’s functional, it will be restricted to be used only by people with CS degrees, and not by
> random Joes and Janes who write web sites. 

Many people have reported that to use XSLT successfully, you either have to have a CS degree, or you have to be a non-programmer. The people who struggle are those who want it to be like the only programming language they have used in the past. Functional programming comes much more naturally to non-programmers than to those whose minds have been warped by imperative programming.

Having said that, we do our best in XSLT to hide the technicalities: a non-programmer isn’t going to think of the apply-templates mechanism as a recursive descent with polymorphic function despatch, and they aren’t going to think of xsl:iterate as a fold operation taking a function as its argument.

Michael Kay
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